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Sensory training tools to complement WSET courses

Aroma Academy Sensory Training is the perfect complement for anyone undertaking Wine or Spirits training such as WSET programmes by specifically guiding you in the development of your sensory skills.

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Get a head start by developing your sensory skills with Self-Learn Sensory Aroma Training Kits

Our Aroma Training Kits provide sets of standards and a guide booklet which will guide you on the path to becoming expert in the detection, identification and ability to articulate key aroma/flavour elements of individual drinks categories. Available for Wine, Whisky, Bourbon, Gin and Rum they allow you to develop your sensory skills with a proven methodology – and using standards specially designed for your category of interest.

A generic Faults Kit is also available, allowing you to quickly train yourself in the detection, identification and articulation of typical faults found in wine, beer and spirits production.

Sensory Training

The training and development of practical sensory skills are key to the understanding and enjoyment of wines and spirits and the Aroma Academy provides all the tools, materials (including sensory standards), training content and, importantly, a methodology to allow you to develop your sensory skills to whichever level you desire.

Most of our customers develop their sensory skills via the self-learn kits – with many complementing this training with the Faults Kit. However, if you really wish to not only develop your practical skills, but also have a much better understanding of the theory behind sensory skills development, you can also access the Aroma Academy E-Learning Sensory (Foundation Level) Programme online.

E-Learning option

The E-Learning Sensory (Foundation Level) Programme takes the content that was previously only available in a class room setting and provides access to the training material to anyone, anywhere in the world, at anytime. A physical standards kit accompanies the programme and is sent to participants who are prompted to engage with the kit as they progress through the online material.


Participants can engage with any individual elements of the Aroma Academy sets of Sensory Tools – with many focusing solely on the individual category Self Learn Kits for Wine, Whisky or Gin for example. However, if you really wish to develop an in-depth understanding and proficiency level in your Sensory Skills journey, we would recommend engaging with all three elements in the following order ..

Step 1 “Foundation Level” Generic Sensory Skills (E-Learning Programme)

Step 2 Category Specific Aroma/Flavour Sensory Skills (“Self Learn” Kits for Whisky, Wine, Gin, Bourbon or Rum)

Step 3 Aroma/Flavour Fault Sensory Skills (“Self Learn” Kit for Faults)