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Global Leading Sensory Training & Aroma Marketing
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Sales & Marketing

There has been an explosion of drinks brands and expressions in recent years and companies are having to develop ever more innovative ways to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market.

Product Promotion

A key element of this brand differentiation is via the Product Flavour Profile and, at the Aroma Academy, we have significant experience of working with both blue chip clients and small craft producers to help them communicate their Flavour Profile message in fun, engaging and memorable ways.

This includes ;

  • The provision of Aroma Kits to allow Brand Ambassadors and other Sales and Marketing Professionals to demonstrate and highlight key Flavour Profiles to customers
  • The development of bespoke Aroma/Flavour Solutions, tailored to individual brand Flavour Profiles
  • Presentations, Seminars and Masterclasses conducted on behalf of clients to selected end customers/distributors/retailers

Staff Training

We conduct Training tailored to Sales & Marketing staff to develop foundation Sensory Skills and to ensure that they are knowledgeable when conversing with customers regarding Sensory Understanding and Flavour Profiling. This Training is suitable for a range of staff including Brand Ambassadors, Account Managers, Visitor Centre Tour Guides, Retail Staff and other Sales & Marketing Professionals.

Please contact us for more information.

Aroma Marketing

The Sense of Smell is an incredibly powerful means of enhancing customer experiences and influencing customer behaviour - particularly in Visitor Centres and Retail environments.

Please see the Aroma Marketing section for more information.