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Health, Safety & Environmental Information Overview


  • The top priority at the Aroma Academy is to ensure that all of the Aroma and Scent Solutions in our products are safe to use and not harmful to health or the environment. The reference Aroma Standards and other Aroma and Scent products are carefully designed and developed for maximum stability and safety.
  • The company prides itself regarding the science behind the products and – importantly – its understanding of the science behind its products.
  • Overview information regarding the Safety of the Aroma Kit products is given below - should you have any specific queries on this topic, please contact us and we will be pleased to answer them.

Key Relevant Safety Facts

Some of the key relevant facts regarding the Aroma products ;

  • The Aroma Kit products are exclusively NOSE training kits. The solutions are intended to be sniffed at intervals from dipped smelling strips.
  • In the most common method of use of the Aroma kit products, the solvent is typically allowed to evaporate completely, before an olfactory examination is made
  • You do not ingest or swallow any of the solutions - the aroma molecules are “sniffed in” to your nose and “sniffed out” again into the air.
  • Sniffing using smelling strips is one of the distinctive features of the kits and is the best form of “nose training” as the aroma can be sniffed in the absence of any potentially trigeminally irritating solvent or alcohol. Smelling directly from bottles does not allow you to do this.
  • The Aroma solution products are not perfumes and it is NOT intended that any of these solutions should be put on the skin (although it should be noted that from a safety viewpoint, the solutions are acceptable on the skin).
  • As stated emphatically in the booklet that forms part of the Aroma Kit systems – the solutions are NOT intended for consumption.
  • For each of the primary training kits containing key reference aromas, the aroma molecules that are used in the kits are the actual molecules that occur in the relevant drink (wine; whisky; etc.) The actual concentration of the specific aroma molecules in the kit is low in “absolute terms” and safe for “sniffing.”

How do we ensure the safety of our products?

  • Every Aroma or Scent Solution product is personally validated and approved for efficacy and health, safety and environmental compliance by our Director of Science & Technology Dr George Dodd.
  • George brings a strong culture of safety to The Aroma Academy and ensures that all of the aromas and scent solution products that are released are safe and meet all regulatory requirements.