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Global Leading Sensory Training & Aroma Marketing
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If you are an Educator/Trainer in the Drinks field you will be well aware that the Training and Development of Sensory Skills - so vital in the Drinks industries - is too often a significant missing element in Training Programmes.

This has largely been a result of a lack of access to the Standards, Tools, Training Materials, Education &Training Content and crucially, good, practical, proven Sensory Methodologies that could be taught and shared with students.

The Aroma Academy has addressed this issue with the provision of all of the above and we not only train Educators/Trainers in the field (both independents and internal company Educators/Trainers) who now use the Aroma Academy Sensory Methodologies, Standards, Tools and Materials with their students and in their companies, but we are also in the process of Training and Certifying a number of Approved Aroma Academy Trainers who will deliver the Aroma Academy Training Programme worldwide.

Please contact us for more information regarding our Training Programmes, Materials and the Approved Trainer Programme.