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Aroma Games

The Perfect Gift for Wine, Whisky and Gin Enthusiasts!

Test your Nosing Ability with the fun and educational Aroma Games!

Can you identify the key Aromas found in Wine, Whisky and Gin?

Each of the Aroma Games follow the same format – but incorporating key Aromas from the appropriate category.

The Game boxes include 3 Game elements;

Game 1 : Blind Nosing

Attempt to identify 9 selected Aromas which are key elements of the Aroma/Flavour profiles by “Blind Nosing.”

Game 2 : Aroma Matching

Nose the 9 selected Aromas and match them with the 9 Aroma Reference Cards on the Aroma Game Board.

Game 3 : Aroma Profiling

Identify selected flavour profiles from a combination of key Aromas in the Game.

The Games also provide access to a Bonus Download, allowing you to test your knowledge by matching a wider selection of Drink types against Aroma/Flavour Profiles.

The Games can be played solo, in a group or in teams.

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