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Master the Sense of Smell
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Learn to “Nose” like a Professional

Whisky expert nosing malt
Gain the key skills and insider secrets of identifying and articulating aromas & flavours

  • Are you a wine and spirits enthusiast?
  • Is your goal to reach connoisseur or expert status in your chosen field?
  • Do you require nosing skills and knowledge for your business or profession?
  • Are you interested in wine tasting, whisky tasting, whiskey tasting, bourbon tasting, gin tasting or rum tasting?
  • Would you like to undertake enjoyable and educational wine training, whisky training, bourbon training, gin training, rum training – or more generic nosing training?

    Dr George Dodd nosing an aroma stripLearn by following our leading systematic methodology

    to set you on the path to becoming a wine expert, whisky expert, whiskey expert, bourbon expert, gin expert or rum expert.

    Self Learn Aroma Training Kits including;

          •  Bourbon Nosing Aroma Kit
          •  Gin Nosing Aroma Kit
          •  Whisky Nosing Aroma Kit
          •  Wine Nosing Aroma Kit
          •  Rum Nosing Aroma Kit

    Training Programmes;
          •  Enjoyable phased “hands on” Aroma Recognition Education & Training

    Developed by the world leading Aroma Scientist and recognised expert on the Sense of Smell – Dr George Dodd

    Used by the world’s leading drinks brands

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