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Global Leading Sensory Training & Aroma Marketing
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About us

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  • The Aroma Academy provides customers with specialist Aroma and Sensory System Products, Master Classes & Training Programmes that educate, entertain and/or improve the feeling of well-being.
  • The customer base is wide ranging, covering both trade/industry and enthusiasts/connoisseurs with industry customers including many of the leading 'blue chip' drinks companies.
  • Much of the company activity is in the drinks industry with a particular focus on Sensory Training, Competency Testing & Aroma Marketing
  • In particular, the company has successfully developed a series of 'Self-Learn' Sensory Standards Kits for various drinks categories, Sensory Training Programmes and a Sensory Competency Programme
  • We believe that the Aroma Academy is unique in that we are dedicated to providing education, knowledge and enjoyable experiences based on our world leading expertise in the Science of Aromas and the Sense of Smell.
  • Our expertise in Aroma Science is at the heart of everything we do - we are passionate about the science behind our work - but we ensure that the science does not get in the way of an enjoyable learning experience!
  • We were privileged to have Dr George Dodd as our Co-Founder. George had the unusual combination of having extensive Aroma Science experience in both industry and academia – including a DPhil from the University of Oxford and setting up the Smell Research Group at the University of Warwick (with which we still collaborate) – and also being a professional Master Perfumer. He was world renowned as an expert on the Sense of Smell and a pioneer in the development of Personalised Perfumes.
  • The Aroma Academy is a Division of Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited, jointly founded by Alan Gordon and Dr George Dodd.
  • It is the company's intention to firmly establish the Aroma Academy as the premier Sensory & Aroma training and experience company.

Alan GordonAlan Gordon, CEO/Managing Director & Co-Founder

  • An experienced Company Director, Alan has a background in Business, General Management, Engineering and Manufacturing across various business sectors including Electronics, Oil & Gas, Scotch Whisky and now the sensory world of Aroma Science and Aroma Marketing.
  • Alan collaborated with Dr George Dodd to co-found the company and help develop and bring a world leading range of products, training programmes and sensory experiences to a global customer base. He was instrumental in the development of the company's original product – the Sensory Aroma Training Kit for Whisky.
  • Alan’s other business interests include authoring and publishing the authoritative, essential insiders annual review for the Scotch Whisky Industry (The Scotch Whisky Industry Review www.scotchwhiskyindustryreview.com) and having ownership of the leading Scotch Whisky information website www.scotchwhisky.net


Tribute to Dr George Dodd

Co-Founder of the Aroma Academy and former Director of Science & Technology

It is with great sadness that we had to report the passing away in December 2020 of Dr George Dodd, Co-Founder of the Aroma Academy and the company's former Director of Science & Technology.

George was a world renowned scientist in his field and a recognised authority regarding the science of Aromas and Flavours and the Sense of Smell. 

    Dr George Dodd

    • George was an Aroma Scientist and Bio-Chemist as well as a Master Perfumer – a key combination of knowledge and experience for the foundation of the company. His background in Molecular Science and Bio-chemistry led to the development of an international reputation for fundamental research on the Sense of Smell and Aroma Science.
    • He originally studied Chemistry at Trinity College, Dublin but spent much of his scientific life straddling the fields of chemistry and perfumery, gaining a DPhil from the University of Oxford along the way.
    • His career covered both Academia – including setting up the Smell Research Group at the University of Warwick - and several start up companies including being a founding Director of the world’s first smell bio-technology company.
    • George maintained links with the world of academia throughout his life and had a very close working relationship with the group that he founded at the University of Warwick
    • George was the scientific expert behind much of the company’s initial Product Development and enjoyed conducting a select number of the company Master Classes & Training Programmes each year.

    He will be sadly missed.

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