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Aroma Marketing

Gain a Competitive Edge with the subtle power of Aroma Marketing

The importance of Aromas and Scents in influencing the mood, atmosphere and behaviour in a local environment – or as part of a product or brand design - is becoming increasingly understood but, surprisingly, is only currently applied in a very limited manner.

It is literally adding another dimension to the customer experience!

Companies and organisations who recognise this power undoubtedly gain a very important competitive edge.

The introduction of an aroma can ;

  • Enhance the customer/visitor experience
  • Enhance mood and improve the feeling of “well-being”
  • Influence customer behaviour

The Aroma Academy is uniquely well placed to deliver bespoke solutions to your Aroma & Scent Marketing requirements as it has World Class capability in Aroma Design and key skills in the areas of ;

  • Aroma Science
  • The Psychology of Aromas. Perfumes and the “Sense of Smell”
  • Aroma Delivery
  • Aroma Marketing

Dr George Dodd, one of our Founders was also one of the founding fathers in the 1980s of the new scientific field - the Psychology of Aromas and Perfumery. George’s research group made several fundamental discoveries regarding our Sense of Smell, and we take great pleasure in defining and devising bespoke Aroma design solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

Aroma Marketing : Previous Project Examples

Let us introduce some diverse examples of bespoke Aroma Marketing projects undertaken by the Aroma Academy.

Bombay Sapphire Visitor Centre ExperienceExample 1: Bombay Sapphire Visitor Centre Experience, England

When Bombay Sapphire established their new Distillery and Visitor Centre at Laverstock Mill in England, they set the Aroma Academy the challenging task of developing a series of Aroma Solutions that matched the aromas/flavours provided by the individual botanical elements that contribute to the wonderful Bombay Sapphire aroma/flavour profile. These solutions are “nosed” and experienced every day by the many visitors who immerse themselves in the Bombay Sapphire experience.

Holyrood DistilleryExample 2: Holyrood Distillery, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Aroma Academy was delighted to partner with the Holyrood Distillery to develop the Sensory Room element of the Visitor Experience.

On the tour, you can not only learn about Flavour & Sensory Skills – but also put your nosing ability to the test with the Sensory Challenge!


Kingsbarns Distillery Visitor CentreExample 3: Kingsbarns Distillery Visitor Centre, Scotland

When the Kingsbarns Scotch Whisky Distillery opened their Visitor Centre they had a clear objective to provide visitors with a true introduction to the aromatic world of Scotch Whisky. Aroma Academy provided a set of individual aroma solutions that make up the essential elements of the Kingsbarns scotch whisky profile and visitors can indulge in a fun “nosing test” to determine if they can pick out the key aromas. In keeping with the setting – the beautiful new visitor centre is constructed in former farm buildings – the aroma are held in a set of “cow horns” in the aromatic display!


The Nissan Leaf Electric Car & “The Scent of the Future”Example 4 : The Nissan Leaf Electric Car & “The Scent of the Future”

The Aroma Academy was invited by Nissan to undertake a bespoke Aroma Marketing project related to the Nissan Leaf Electric Car. The company was tasked with creating “The Scent of the Future” – which would be evocative and expressive of the brand identity of the world leading electric car- the Nissan LEAF. One use of the scent was a Christmas gift impregnated with the scent for Nissan Leaf distributors and customers – please view the video below regarding the development of “The Scent of the Future”…


ImbibeExample 5 : Imbibe Drinks Exhibition & “The Scratch and Sniff Gin”

The organisers of the Imbibe Drinks exhibition approached the Aroma Academy with the challenge of developing an invitation/registration card for their showpiece event in London which was engaging and would encourage interaction. The end result was a “Scratch and Sniff” event invitation/registration card which challenged the recipients to identify the drink type (in this case Gin) on the card and to register their comments online. The card not only introduced a fun experiential element to the invitation/registration process, but also created an incredible “buzz” on social media as participants discussed their thoughts/experiences/findings regarding the card.

If your company would like to explore the new and emerging world of Aroma Engineering and Aroma and Scent Marketing – we would be delighted to work with you to achieve a feeling of improved client “well-being” and/or provide a key commercial edge. Our speciality is in designing and creating mood aromas and fragrances and we have satisfied many exceptionally demanding briefs. Perhaps we could create the aroma or scent of your commercial future?

Please contact us for a confidential no obligation consultation.