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Training Programmes

George Dodd Master ClassSensory Training Programmes

The Aroma Academy Training Programmes are based on the development of Sensory Skills with a particular focus on Aroma Recognition Skills.

They provide the key practical Sensory Skills, together with the background theory, to allow participants to be able to detect, identify and articulate the aromas and flavours of the finished product.

Both generic and category specific programmes are available. As an example, the Drinks Sensory Training courses cover specific categories - for professionals and enthusiast customers alike - with the development of Aroma Recognition skills as the fundamental foundation of Wine training, Whisky (and Whiskey) training, Gin training, Beer training, Bourbon training and Rum training.

E-Learning Programme

The recently introduced E-Learning programme is the most accessible of the Sensory Training options offered. Participants are sent a Physical Standards Training Kit in addition to gaining online access to the course content. The online E-Learning option allows participants anywhere in the world access to the Foundation Level of the Aroma Academy Sensory Training Programme and allows progress at your own pace - at the time of your choosing.

The online Foundation Programme covers the same material as the Class Room Foundation Sensory Programme (see below) but with the content tailored and specially designed for online learning. As you progress through the online content, you are prompted to engage with the accompanying Standards Training Kit. There is an optional Assessment Module at the end of the programme.

This online E-Learning Foundation Level Sensory Training Programme is generic in approach with respect to drinks and provides important Sensory Foundation learning for anyone in the drinks business – as well as drinks enthusiasts.

Training Options

Introductory Sessions

The Aroma Academy 2 hour “Introductory Sessions” are not only fun informative sessions but also serve as the perfect introduction to the full Aroma Academy Training Programmes.

Participants are introduced to the importance and role of Sensory Skills as well as an insight into how their skills can be rapidly developed in an enjoyable and educational format.


Phase 1: Foundation Level  – E-Learning or Class Room (1 Day)

Some participants are very content to only undertake the Foundation Level, the initial programme that provides a fantastic introduction to Sensory Skills, the Sense of Smell and to the basic methodologies and tools to allow the development of your Aroma Recognition Skills.

Phase 1 includes an introduction to aroma/flavour recognition, aroma/flavour vocabulary, calibrating your nose, how aromas/flavours behave, aroma profiling, aroma/flavour faults and competency systems. It is suitable for all audiences.

There is an optional assessment at the end of the programme.

Phase 2: Intermediate Level (1 Day Programme) – Class Room only

Phase 2 – the Intermediate Level - builds on the foundation of Phase 1, providing more depth and detail regarding the aromas/flavours, their sources (including some chemistry) and how this affects the aroma/flavour profiles. You learn more about the subtle nuances of the sub categories of aroma families, and how to build this knowledge into a more useful identification pathway. Articulation of Flavour profiles is also covered together with a review of typical Aroma/Flavour Faults and their sources. There is an optional assessment at the end of the programme. This course is suitable for the enthusiast connoisseur and for all levels of the drinks, food and hospitality industries.

Phase 3 : Advanced Level

The Aroma Academy also offers Advanced Level Training and an expert Mentor Programme. This is typically tailored to individuals and companies who have completed the Foundation & Intermediate Levels and who wish to further their Sensory Training & Education. Please contact us for more details.

Training Programme Summary

The Aroma Academy Sensory Training, be it generic or category specific, should be considered as the foundation on which your route to knowledge and expertise in your chosen field of interest is constructed and developed.

Sensory Skills are vital whether you are engaged in drinks creation, production, quality control, sales & marketing or are a drinks enthusiast or connoisseur. They are the key to understanding flavour profiles - and the influence of raw materials, the production process and the maturation process - and the basis for maximising the enjoyment of flavour.

The Aroma Academy Sensory Training provides the key practical skills, together with the background theory to allow participants to be able to identify, distinguish and articulate the aromas and flavours of the finished product.

It is a significant advantage, as you travel on your Sensory journey, to not only be knowledgeable about the key aromas and flavours associated with a particular drinks category, but to have the confidence that you are able to identify and articulate them.