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Gain the key skills and insider secrets of identifying and articulating aromas & flavours

Interest in Wines, Beers, Spirits and other drinks continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and we never fail to be surprised by the incredible “thirst for knowledge” of enthusiasts worldwide.

In particular, people are fascinated by the whole area of Sensory Skills and are particularly eager to develop their Sensory Ability.  

For those who wish to attain Connoisseur status and “Learn to Nose like a Professional,” highly developed Sensory Skills are a fundamental requirement. For many others, there is a simple desire to improve their Sensory Ability to increase their knowledge, their understanding and, crucially, their enjoyment of their favourite beverages.

At the Aroma Academy, we have developed a very effective, systematic methodology to develop these vital Sensory Skills together with a set of specially designed Aroma/Flavour Reference Standards.

Our proven, easy to follow, system - applicable to all ability levels - is accessible via our Series of Self-Learn Aroma Training Kits, our online E-Learning Sensory Training and our class room based Training Programmes.

Self-Learn Training Kits

Most people access the methodology via the Self-Learn Training Kits which include ;

  • A set of Aroma Reference Standards specially designed for the category
  • A set of blank Aroma Strips
  • A guide booklet which includes general information regarding the category, the reference standards and, vitally, the Aroma Academy Sensory Training Methodology.

The Self-Learn Aroma Training Kits are currently available for 5 categories – Whisky, Wine, Gin, Rum & Bourbon and allow you to develop your Sensory Skills at the pace that suits you best - to whatever level you desire.

You will be amazed at how rapidly your Sensory Skills develop as we set you on the path to “Nose like a Professional” and provide the key foundation Sensory Skills necessary if you have aspirations to become a Connoisseur!

The Kits are available from our Online Store - click here.

Online E-Learning Sensory Training – Foundation Programme

The online E-Learning Sensory Training Programme was developed to improve access to our Sensory Training as we are only able to offer a limited number of class room based Training sessions each year.

Participants are sent a Physical Standards Training Kit in addition to gaining online access to the course content. The online E-Learning option allows participants, anywhere in the world, access to the Aroma Academy Sensory Training Programme and allows progress at your own pace - at the time of your choosing.

The first E-Learning programme that we now offer online is the Foundation Programme which covers the same material as the Class Room Foundation Sensory Programme (see below) but with the content tailored and specially designed for online learning. As you progress through the online content, you are prompted to engage with the accompanying Standards Training Kit. There is an optional Assessment Module at the end of the programme.

This online E-Learning Foundation Level Sensory Training Programme is generic in approach with respect to drinks and provides important Sensory Foundation learning for anyone in the drinks business – as well as drinks enthusiasts.

On completion of the Foundation programme, you will have significantly improved your ability to detect, identify and articulate flavour profiles.

Class Room Training

We undertake a series of class room based Training Programmes– all focused on the Training and Development of Sensory Skills.


This Training includes Foundation Sensory Understanding, how Aromas/Flavours behave, our unique Sensory Training Methodology, Sensory Practice, Flavour Profiling, typical Flavour Faults and an introduction to Sensory Competency/Proficiency.

The Training has three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Please click here for more details.

Aroma Games

The Aroma Games are highly interactive, a lot of fun and a great introduction to the Sensory World of Wines & Spirits.

These unique Games have three elements to test Nosing Ability and Flavour Profile Knowledge ;

  • Blind Nosing
  • Aroma Matching (with a set of Aromas and Game Cards)
  • Aroma Profiling

The Games can be played solo, in a group or in competing teams and are currently available for WhiskyWine, and Gin.