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Faults Aroma Kit - 30 Aroma Training System

£149.95 UK Price (inc VAT)

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Identifying Faults in Spirits, Beers & Wines is critically important for producers and connoisseurs.
The Aroma Academy Faults Kit provides a set of reference Aroma Standards and guidance in developing Recognition Skills.

The Faults Aroma Kit contains
  • 30 Aroma samples  - developed by the leading Aroma Scientist Dr George Dodd - covering the spectrum of most common Aroma/Flavour Faults  found in Spirits, Beers & Wines.
  •  An introduction to Detection & Recognition thresholds.
  •  A Booklet guide.    
  •  Blank Aroma Strips.    

The Aroma Kit
  • Allows you to develop your Aroma Recognition Skills and your Faults  identification knowledge and expertise at the pace that suits you best.
  •  Is an excellent “Self Learn” tool for individuals, groups or small teams.
  •  Guides you every step of the way following a very simple, methodical, yet extremely effective process!

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