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Featured Aroma of the Week : Wine Aroma Kit : Apple (Green)

Wine Aroma Kit - Green Apple

The familiar scent of apple is found in the wines produced by all of the classic premier white grapes. So many people love this particular note in a wine as it is light, and gently crisp, and gives the aroma a certain airiness.

Often in Chardonnay, Sauvigon Blanc, and Reisling, it is a distinctly green apple aroma note that is experienced. This category of aroma – green apple – falls into two of our general smell categories - the fruity family and the green family.

Fruity smells remind us of the bountiful products of Nature and they are generally very well liked and are often warm and comforting odours. We could display all fruity aromas on a scale from light to heavy, and then we would have deep luscious aromas such as ripe or over-ripe peach and apricots at the heavy end, a nice mature ready-to-eat ripe apple would probably be mid-scale for many of us, and at the light end of the scale we would place the green apple aromas.

Wine Aroma Kit

There is a separate and wonderfully invigorating world of green scents all coming from, or associated with, specific living green plants, fruits, and vegetables. All of these green things have some sort of commonality in their greenness of odour - a feature which we find psychologically congenial.

The green-apple aroma partakes of the psychological properties of each of the above odour families and has its own unique charm. We have the lightness-of-spirit and freshness of the green nuance united with the comforting central fruitiness of the distinctive estery apple theme.

The Apple aroma in the Wine Aroma Kit is designed to be distinctly "Green Apple" in nature.

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