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Customer Survey Response and Prize Winner

Prize Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca from Loughborough, England, the winner of the prize draw for participating in our recent customer survey. Free access to the online E-Learning Sensory Training Programme (Foundation Level) and the Sensory Training Kit which accompanies it is “en-route”!

Survey Response

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the customer survey and it was very gratifying to receive such positive feedback with regard to product quality and the effectiveness of the products in developing Sensory Skills. The extremely high favourable response with regard to ‘willingness to recommend us to others’ was also particularly pleasing! We include some information below in response to the ‘requests for more information’ section of the survey.

Request for additional information

There were two main topics identified in the “request for more information” element of the survey and these related to ;

  • The Faults Aroma Training Kit and
  • The E-Learning Programme

and we provide some further information below. For those who have any further questions regarding these – or any other topics - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Faults Aroma Training Kit

Identifying Faults in Spirits, Beers & Wines is critically important for drinks producers and other industry professionals such as Sommeliers and professional Bar Tenders. Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts are also extremely interested in developing their Sensory Skills with respect to drinks Faults.
The Aroma Academy Faults Kit provides a set of thirty reference Aroma Standards and guidance in developing the practical Sensory Recognition Skills to detect, identify and articulate the key faults that can be evident in various drinks types. Many of the Faults in the kit are generic across wines, beers and spirits whilst a selected few are either wine specific or spirits specific.
For example, the kit allows you to train yourself to identify if a wine is ‘oxidised’ or ‘corked’ – or if a whisky has a bit too much of an ‘earthy’ or a ‘sulphury’ note. These are just some, amongst a host of other common faults, which are described in the accompanying kit booklet. For the more scientifically minded amongst you, the booklet also includes ‘signposting’ regarding some of the potential faults causes and information on the underlying aroma molecules responsible for the fault aromas/flavours.

The E-Learning Programme

The first online E-Learning Training Programme released by the Aroma Academy takes the content from our class room based Foundation Level Sensory Training and provides it via a combination of online content and a physical Sensory Kit that is supplied to accompany the online material.
As participants progress through the online content, they are guided and prompted to go to different vials in the kit which provides the vital practical sensory training to add to the Foundation Theory and the insider tips and techniques provided in the online content.
At the end of the programme, participants will have an excellent foundation understanding of the theory behind how we sense and understand aromas and flavours, an excellent grounding in Aroma/Flavour vocabulary and an improved ability to detect, identify and articulate aromas and flavours.
The Online Foundation Level Sensory Training Programme is aimed at food and drink professionals – (including: distillers, wine producers, brewers, sensory panel members, sales and marketing staff, sommeliers, professional bar tenders and retailers/distributors) - as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs with an interest in the subject.

Thanks again to all who participated in the Survey.

We would also appreciate if any of you who are not yet connected with us via social media would please connect via Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram.

Best regards,
Alan Gordon
CEO/Managing Director & Co-Founder

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