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Aroma of the Week : Wine Aroma Kit : Honey

Honey : Wine Aroma Kit : Wine Tasting

The very word honey is itself a descriptor for delight and intense sensory pleasure. The flavour gives us a lust for more and the many varieties of honey owe their distinctive flavour to the aroma molecules in the flowers from which the bees collect. In terms of Aroma Science, most of the classic honey aromas are given by members of a specific family of aromatic molecules related to one special acid - or one of the esters of this acid.

Professional wine judges describe a honey note in the wines made from the major white grapes – Chardonnay, Riesling, Sémillon, and Chenin Blanc – but typically not in the wines from the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Wine Aroma KitThe honey note is relatively difficult to appreciate, since it often hides behind the more obvious and more strident apple and fruit notes which are found in the classic white wines. You may find it easier to detect on the aftertaste. This occurs as you swallow the wine and as most of the fruity molecules flow along with the wine, some of the other aroma molecules linger in the mouth and are detected by your sense of smell.

It is interesting to note that Flavourists often use a honey aroma note to convey the impression of smoothness in different beverages.

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