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Featured Aroma of the Week : Gin Aroma Kit : Lavender

Lavender : Gin Aroma Kit

The aroma profile of lavender blends beautifully with the juniper notes in a Gin – and it is surprising that more Gin brands do not include this wonderfully fresh, sweet, floral aroma and flavour.

When nosing the lavender aroma in the Aroma Academy Gin Aroma Training Kit, a floral aroma note is immediately evident on the aroma strip and it gradually becomes discernible as lavender against the subtle juniper background.

The scent of lavender is well-known to most of us - and it has a special place in the affections of many. To walk through a lavender field, whilst the flowers are being collected is to experience one form of olfactory ecstasy!

The major constituents of lavender oil - a tertiary alcohol and its acetate ester – are both ethereal and soporific when sniffed, lending some support to the idea that lavender can aid sleep.

The name is derived from the Latin lavare, meaning ‘to wash’ reminding us that the flowers were added to baths for both its therapeutic properties (disinfectant; antiseptic; parasite remover) as well as its uplifting and cheering fragrance.

See our Gin Aroma Kit for more information.

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