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Featured Aroma of the Week : Bourbon Aroma Kit : Rye

Rye : Bourbon Aroma Kit

Every whisk(e)y lover will know about the different types of grains from which the raw spirit is produced by malting, fermentation and distillation. Scotch Whisky is most closely associated with Barley, American Rye Whiskies with Rye and Bourbon is associated with a predominance of Corn. In fact a minimum of 51% Corn needs to be included for the drink to be deemed Bourbon with Rye or Wheat - usually one or the other - being the two choices most often selected for the remaining grain in the mash bill (with Malted Barley making up the remainder.) The use of Rye provides a particular nuance to the Bourbon Aroma Profile.

The Rye Aroma is, perhaps, most familiar to people in Rye Bread. In the Rye Aroma, a trained nose might detect the characteristic smell of cumin seeds, the hint of vivid spices, hints of malty scents and the delightful smells of fresh bread. Each of these Aroma types is blended into the unitary Aroma we identify as “Rye” in the Aroma Academy Bourbon Aroma Training Kit.

See our Bourbon Aroma Kit for more information.


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