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Aroma of the Week : Rum Aroma Kit : Agricole

Aroma of the Week : Rum Aroma Kit : Agricole

The category of agricole is a subset of the greater category of rum and as such is exceptionally varied. Agricole is a spirit made from crushed sugar cane juice which does not go through the sugar making process - unlike the overwhelming majority of globally produced rums. The largest producer of cane juice rhum is Martinique where they introduced an appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) to control all aspects of production and guarantee a minimum level of quality. Under AOC rules, the sugar cane must be crushed ready for fermentation within 24 hours of harvesting. This fermentation produces a cane “wine” which is then distilled and either consumed in its un-aged clear form, or carefully aged and blended to further develop a complex spirit.

The signature note of the version of an agricole aroma in the Aroma Academy Aroma Kit is green, grassy stewed fruit - mainly apples and pears. The sample contained within the kit aims to capture the essence of an unaged blanc (white) agricole rhum.

Unaged agricole rhum can be exceptionally vibrant and full-flavoured. Spirit subjected to the aging process develops more tannic notes to give a drier fruity, spicy profile. When you get to the XO versions of agricole the aroma reveals a sweeter, complex aroma including muscovado sugar, vanilla, woody aroma profiles. Unlike the rums created from sugar cane molasses, the rhum agricole category can reveal a distinct terroir based upon the planting location and seasonal growing conditions.

See our Rum Aroma Kit for more information.


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