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Aroma of the Week : Gin Aroma Kit : Meadowsweet

Aroma of the Week : Gin Aroma Kit : Meadowsweet

One of the pleasures of life is to enjoy the fragrant white flowers of Meadowsweet and it is enchanting to come across the contribution of this flower to Gin.

The meadowsweet aroma is soft and sweet - suggestive of an aspect of bitter almonds for some noses, a soft-floral gentle spiciness for other noses and yet other noses will compare it to the haunting scent from Hawthorn flowers on a warm wind at a distance.

In the Aroma Academy Gin Aroma Kit, the delightful soft floral scent of meadowsweet is immediately evident on the wet strip (contrast this to the behaviour of the rose note) and, as it strengthens, you may discern a bitter almond nuance as the juniper notes in the aroma slip into the background. Some people particularly enjoy the soft, drowsy, creamy, dreamy feelings they get whilst sniffing this incomparable Gin Aroma floral note.

The more you examine and smell this note in our Gin Aroma Kit, with the juniper contribution in the background, the more you may be tempted to believe that it plays a delicate floral blending role in several Gins. It can certainly be clearly identified in Oxley Gin - one of the first Gins credited with the use of cold (vacuum) distillation technology.

See our Gin Aroma Kit for more information.


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