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Featured Aroma of the Week : Gin Aroma Kit : Liquorice

Aroma of the Week : Gin Aroma Kit : Liquorice

The aroma of fine liquorice is a distinctive type of herbal aroma note but it does overlap in character with some other herbs - and so you may also be reminded of anise, star anise, tarragon and fennel. The aroma is entirely different from having authentic liquorice root in the mouth since the root contains molecules which are much sweeter than sugar and so provides a combined taste and aroma effect. 

When nosing the Aroma Standard in the Gin Aroma Kit, there is an immediate aroma ‘effect’ on the wet strip, but is not easily recognisable until the strip ‘warms up’ to reveal, at first, a dry rooty note, which is then joined by a slight anise note and a general liquorice note which in turns blends with the underlying juniper note.

See our Gin Aroma Kit for more information.

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