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Aroma of the Week: Bourbon Aroma Kit : Corn

This is a seminal aroma note for Bourbon as the primary grain used in this type of drink is indeed corn.

The particular aroma mixture we have devised in our Bourbon Aroma Kit - to represent the type of corn aroma that is relevant for a Bourbon - is exceedingly complex and we have had to add many trace secondary aroma molecules to achieve the optimal corn aroma. Besides hints of corn type aromas you might be reminded of a malty influence or aspects of warm bread crust or a rye-type bread. A really discerning nose might just be able to detect an underlying so-called animal note. At low levels this aroma gives a sense of warmth. It is these very trace aroma molecules that play a role in the subtlety of Bourbon aromas.

Bourbon is produced much the same way as other whiskeys but with a few specific exceptions that make it uniquely Bourbon.  For example, Bourbon may only be produced from grain, with a minimum of 51% corn. (Corn typically makes up closer to 70% of the mash bill - the recipe - in most formulas.)  Rye or Wheat, usually one or the other, are the two choices most often selected for the remaining grain in the mash bill with Malted Barley making up the remainder of the bill. 

See our Bourbon Aroma Kit - for the “Corn” and 23 other key Bourbon aromas.

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