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The Oceanic Amber Scent Experience

Aroma Academy

The Oceanic Amber™ Scent Experience

£15.00 UK Price (inc VAT)

(Please note: all orders from outside of the UK will be charged the net price below but will also be subject to local taxes and customs clearance charges in the country of delivery.)

The ancient scent of the oceans that speaks to our deep inner being

Oceanic Amber™ is the first in a range of Scientific Aroma Therapy™ scent experiences.

It is a:

  • New
  • Safe
  • Non-drug
  • Scientific
  • Olfactory

approach that delivers a memorable aromatic experience. It has also been designed with the objective of promoting a feeling of well being and relaxation that could prove beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety.

Oceanic Amber™ is a scent experience - not a perfume or a medicine. The experience is designed to work on the intrinsic emotional responses to the aroma via the brain's smell receptors.

Simply sniff the scent on the smelling strips provided with the scent, as often as you wish, and immerse yourself in a wonderful olfactory scent experience.

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