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Global Leading Sensory Training & Aroma Marketing
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Sensory Skills are the foundation of ;

  • innovative Product Development and
  • high Product Quality via the Production of consistent Flavour Profiles.

However, finding access to, and conducting, Professional Training for these key Sensory Skills is very often a significant challenge.

Although there are some excellent general Training and Education Programmes available for the production of Spirits, Wines, Beers and other beverages, our customers tell us that the Training and Education of the key practical Sensory Skills is a vital element that is often inadequately addressed.


"It is our mission at the Aroma Academy to enable the Training and Development of these key foundation Sensory Skills via a series of Training Materials, including Self-Learn Sensory Training Kits, and Training and Competency/Proficiency Programmes."

What do our customers tell us they want?

  • Practical, meaningful Training and Education in the development of Sensory Skills and understanding of Flavour Profiles
  • Relevant Sensory Training Materials
  • Aroma/Flavour Reference Standards that are applicable to their products and brands and which are accurate and stable
  • Tools and Systems to allow the objective Assessment/Screening of Sensory Competence relevant to their Products and Brands for individuals and internal Sensory Panels
  • Tools and Systems to allow the ongoing objective Assessment of Sensory Competence – both to ensure consistency of Product Quality and demonstrate compliance with Quality Management Systems

What do we provide?


We understand that it is not always practical to attend one of our Training Programmes so we have developed a series of Self-Learn Aroma Reference Sensory Training Kits which allow you train at your own pace to develop these vital Sensory Skills in the office, laboratory or at home.

These Self-Learn Sensory Training Kits not only include a series of our acclaimed Aroma Reference Standards - specially designed and developed for individual drinks categories – but also include an informative Guide Booklet with information regarding the Standards and, importantly, the unique Aroma Academy Sensory Training Methodology.

Our series of Self-Learn Kits, including the Reference Standards, are currently available for Whisky, Bourbon, Wine, Gin, Rum and Faults.

We also produce bespoke Reference Standards Kits to meet the needs of individual company product types and brands.

Please view our Bespoke Projects Page or more information.

Class Room Training

We provide a series of class room based Training Programmes– all focused on the Training and Development of Sensory Skills.

This Training includes Foundation Sensory Understanding, how Aromas/Flavours behave, our unique Sensory Training Methodology, Sensory Practice, Flavour Profiling, typical Flavour Faults and an introduction to Sensory Competency/Proficiency.

We conduct a combination of classes open to all and, more often, company specific sessions tailored to the needs of individual customers.

We count some of the leading “blue-chip” companies in the drinks industry amongst our customer base for both the Training Programmes and the associated Reference Standards that are used both in the Training & Competency Programmes and in ongoing Product Quality Monitoring.

Please contact us for more information.

Sensory Competence/Proficiency Programmes

We provide the tools and systems to allow ;

  • objective assessment screening of personnel with regard to Sensory Skills
  • objective assessment of on-going Sensory Competency/Proficiency
via a series of Competency/Proficiency Tests utilising our Sensory Reference Standards.

The Competency/Proficiency Programmes are tailored to individual drinks categories and companies.


In summary, we provide a complete holistic solution for Sensory Skills including ;

  • initial Sensory Training and relevant Training & Education Materials
  • provision of Reference Standards
  • provision of objective Competency/Proficiency Screening
  • provision of ongoing Competency/Proficiency Maintenance Testing
  • enabling integration with QC Product Quality Monitoring and overall Quality Management Systems

all tailored to your individual company needs.


Please contact us for more information.