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Dr George Dodd
  • The first love in his life was smelling things and making perfumes. When he was 14 he had a sophisticated set of chemical glassware for making aromatic chemicals, and by the time he was 16, working with a small Irish company, he was learning the basic perfume trade.
  • He studied chemistry in Trinity College, Dublin with research projects on spearmint type odours. He then began research on small molecules binding to proteins - the key event in the Sense of Smell - at the University of Oxford and acquired a D.Phil (Ph.D).
  • After a spell working in Unilever on a variety of smell projects he joined the University of Warwick where he founded the Smell Research Group in 1971 and directed its work until 1994.
  • Over the years, he founded a perfume studio in Stratford-upon-Avon, had a consultancy company with a colleague working on diverse smell and perfume projects and, in 1995, was a founding director of the world’s 1st smell biotechnology company – Kiotech int plc.
  • He also developed The Perfume Studio in a wonderfully wild region of Scotland and continued to collaborate with the smell research group at the University of Warwick until his untimely passing.
  • His interest in Aroma Training Kits went back to the late 1970's when he held evening classes in perfumery at the University of Warwick, and made a simple training kit for the students. Over the years, he has made Smell Training Kits for several bodies including one for blind children for the Royal National Institute for The Blind.