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The Aroma Academy

The Aroma Academy is your route to expertise in

  • aroma recognition
  • aroma development and
  • mastering the sense of smell.

In particular, if you wish to improve your knowledge, or attain “connoisseur” status in the fields of wines and/or spirits then we are here to guide you every step of the way.

  • Are you an enthusiast eager to improve your knowledge ?
  • Is your goal to reach connoisseur or expert status in your chosen field ? or
  • Is aroma expertise/development key to your job or business ?

Our specialist Products, Master Classes and other related resources are tailored for both individual enthusiasts and business/ trade customers - all based on our world leading expertise and experience in the Science of Aromas, Fragrances and The Sense of Smell.

We provide evocative, informative, experiential and intensely enjoyable sharing experiences for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Attend one of our Master Classes or Courses, or SELF LEARN at home with one of our fun and educational Aroma Kit Systems.

The Aroma Academy provides:

  • Aroma Recognition/Nose Training Systems
  • Aroma Development
  • Aroma Products/Solutions
  • Educational and Fun Aroma Master Classes
  • Educational & Training Resources

The Aroma Academy takes you on an educational journey into aroma recognition, aroma development and mastering the art of olfaction, delving into the vast arena of aromas that trigger the sensory system that forms our sense of smell and our ability to identify aromas and flavours.

The Aroma Academy is your gateway to a life time of experiences - be it as an enthusiast or as part of your learning within your industry. You have the opportunity to call upon world leading experts in the science of aroma fragrances, to experience the world of aromas first hand under the guidance of the Master Perfumer, Biochemist and a leading expert in Aroma Science, Dr. George Dodd.

Whatever your aroma training requirements, the Aroma Academy looks forward to welcoming you as your “Aroma Guide” to experience and master “The Sense of Smell.”

The Academy has developed specific products (with patents pending) and programmes focused on the field of "Wines and Spirits" and has developments in-progress in fields as diverse as Perfumery, Fine Food, Medicine and Health and Safety - all based on our core expertise in the Science of Aromas and the Sense of Smell.